Employee Relations

The relationship with employees is firmed in work decisions, involving management practices and actions as well as people management such as recruitment, selection, hiring, promotion, performance management, education and training, compensation, agreement cancellation and any other related practice.

In any of the cases cited above, the applicant will be carefully evaluated according to the requirements for the position regardless of race, creed, age, sex, nationality, marital status, sexual orientation or physical disability.

In which regards, filling vacancies, Pagliarini and Morales Advogados Associados considers the use of internal staff a way to provide opportunity for professional growth, performance improvement, education and training. The evaluation criteria will be guided by competence, knowledge and skills based on this Manual of Conduct.

Any errors should be treated with understanding and constructive guidance; however, the repetition of errors should be considered as a result of carelessness, negligence or lack of interest and must be rigorously corrected.

Praising in public and reprimanding in private is the best practice.

The employee must be well acquainted with his responsibilities; however, it is the firm role i.e. owners alongside with employees that should acquire proper knowledge, skills and attitudes in order to improve their own performance.

Relationships at work should be based on trust, integrity, fairness and mutual respect.

Pagliarini and Morales believes that salary issues are personal matter and should not be discussed with third parties.

The employees are responsible for the custody and maintenance of the information and must ensure the data updating, as well as ensure that they are neither disclosed nor used improperly.

The law firm’s goods, equipment and facilities are intended for use in the office’s operations. It is up to employees to safeguard them and protect them from unauthorized or inappropriate use.

The improper and unauthorized use of property and equipment outside the premises of the Office is considered embezzlement, constituting serious misconduct.

It is forbidden for the employee to use for their own benefit or others, goods, services, including intellectual property rights, as well as strategic and confidential information canada goose outlet canada goose outlet