Relationships with Suppliers and Contractors

Our relations with suppliers should be guided by mutual respect, honesty and transparency.

Acts, contracts, operations, business or transactions should be in line with existing laws.

The obligations assumed by both parties must be fully met, complaining of suppliers, products and quality services. Moreover, the behavior must be consistent with the principles of this Code.

Pagliarini and Morales Advogados Associados requires that its suppliers have clarity in the characterization of products and services, ensuring that the purchase fit their requirements appropriately.

Pagliarini and Morales Advogados Associados, under no circumstances, shall keep partnership either with suppliers or contractors who violate the rules. Child labor, work in slavery conditions or alike are absolutely forbidden.

The selectivity principle in the choice of suppliers will be taken into account; so that, our firm grants the right to terminate a partnership in case of damages to either party.

Relations with contractors must be guided by mutual respect, honesty and transparency in the negotiations; besides, the accuracy of the information and respect to the law and agreements signed.

Our firm requires from its contractors quality products, services and attitudes compatible with the policy of quality, environment and safety. cgparkas cgparkas