Business Legal Advisory

By leaving the edge of the global economic scenario and assuming a central role, Brazil has attracted the spotlight of investors, entities and organizations around the world. This new post is a fertile land full of possibilities. However, to reap rewards in the future, we must expand the knowledge regarding the operation of this globalized market, its rules and peculiarities, in order to collect relevant pieces of information so that to enter these new markets efficiently and incisively.

Pagliarini and Morales is the perfect partner for that teachable moment and clearing of new horizons. The multidisciplinary team that makes up our area of Business Legal Advisory, we are able to advise both nationally and internationally on issues such as corporate governance, strategic management; risk assessment; credit recovery; professionalism; investment analysis and taxation and actuary among others.

Like everything we do, we bet on customized work as a way to give the customer options of market actions which he has never dreamed of. Hence, customization is only possible due to our detailed diagnosis of the company, business and market in which it operates. After immersing ourselves in the reality of the client, we define consistent and coherent strategies to be implemented in the future. canada goose schweiz canada goose schweiz