Labor and Social Security

The main aim of the Labor Law is to mediate all the existing bonds related to labor relationships. TheSocial Security Law, in turn, disciplines social security; in other words, it regulates welfare policies, both social and private.

Pagliarini and Morales has got a strong presence in both segments, emphasizing on:

  • Advisory services for Labor Law, both individual and collective
  • Preventive Guidance to companies concerning legal labor and social security proceedings (especially actions with frameworks and complementary in pension funds benefits as their object)
  • Pension Funds legal planning
  • Preparation of statutes and regulations as well as monitoring approval process with the National Superintendence of Pension Funds – PREVIC
  • Adapting statutes and regulations to changes in legislation
  • Monitoring the supervision of PREVIC and audits from the Courts of Accounts as well as Securities Commission
  • Presentation of defenses, challenges and appeals
  • Consultative and litigation laws for suitability to the legal aspects in Health and Social Security

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